More On Chris Morgan And Bears Of The Final Frontier

Chris Morgan, a bear ecologist, just had part 2 of a three part series on bears entitled, Bears Of The Final Frontier, refering to all three North American bears and Alaska, the final frontier to many people.

Morgan, makes a good spokesperson for bears. The three part film project is on the PBS series Nature.

Yesterday’s film included urban bears of Anchorge, Alaska…primarily black bears.

You have urban bears in such places as the Pocono Mountains of New York State or in places like South Las Vegas in Nevada where I have relations at work on black bears.

Morgan also visits Denali bNational Park and films the Toklat Grizzly, a color phaze of a brown bear sub-species.

Next week Morgan goes up the haul road of Alaska and visits Prudhoe Bay, Kaktovik and the polar bear near the top of the world.

Do not miss Morgan’s adventure to the last frontier to visit bears…well worth the viewing.

Nature can be seen on Sundays on PBS. This Sunday they will show the 3rd part of Morgan’s series on bears, in Montana the time for Nature is 6:00 pm. The time varies but you can find it on Nature’s website.


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