Bears Nearby

These are observations about bear events in this area.

A friend of mine took his snowmobile to recreate up in an area of the Gallatin Forest where I used to have a grizzly bear study and saw the largest grizzly track he has ever seen going up the ridgeline nearby; a sight from the same area, I frequently remember 13 years ago during bear breeding season in May and June, where a large grizzly, 600 pounder, was out looking for female bears. I am not a fan of snowmobiles but I am glad my friend never ran into this bear; a probable harbinger of the 600 pounder. By the way there were no other snowmobilers in this area (yeah!!!).

The same guy lives in a suburb of Bozeman, Montana, in a nearby mountain range. He went out on his porch in a robe and scared a large black bear off of his porch. The bear had time to think and was coming back; with a cocky spring in his walk.

My friend, a big person himself, new the bear would have come up on the porch and was possibly looking for trouble. Needless to say he went into his house and took photos of the bear, which I saw, and I believe my friend made the right move; urban bears are a living oxymoron for most folks.


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