Gardens Are Neat Places To Visit

Gardens are a large part of my life and here are some of the good ones I’ve been to and reccomend you go to. In Washington D.C. near where I grew up was Dunbarton Oaks…I remember many spring adventures there.

Brookgreene Gardens in Myrtle Beach are fantastic and also have great bird flight exclosure a zoo of local birds and mammals, and a small, but special exhibit, about South Carolina’s “Low Country” and a neat, interpretive, boat ride. This is definitely a high point in any trip to Myrtle Beach.

If you go to Santa Cruz California do not miss the local habitats display (several acres, near the University of California at Santa Cruz campus. The habitats displayed are very special, and if you like to birdwatch do not forget your binoculars.

These 3 gardens come to mind and played important roles in my development but I am sure there are more to see.

I have found that community gardes or habitats are a cheap way to see the better side of places you visit. So plan gardens in for your next trip to somewhere.


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