A Beautiful Place Called Baring Creek

Places like Alaska, Northern Canada, Montana and Wyoming have no shortage of beautiful places to visit.

One of those places, I have written about before is Baring Creek, on the East side of Glacier National Park near a place called, Post Card Point, near upper Saint Marys Lake.

It is full of wildflowers and it is wedged into an up and down world between Goat Mountain and Going To The Sun Mountain.

What a beatiful place but make a lot of noise as you go up the trail because both bear species reside their and if you are lucky you might see other predators in their.

Go, but be aware.

One way to be aware is to carry bear spray and I highly recommnd to do so.

The other day a friend of mine scoffed at the notion of using bear spray…In a study of spray use it was found to be 87% successful. My friend said, “why carry bear spray when you can carry a 44 magnum”…thoughts ocurred to me that a bear comes fast and moves a lot…most persons I know do not shoot accurately…let alone a 44 magnum.

In most parks this weapon cannot be be used…but bear spray can. Bear spray is not lethal…44 magnums are…87% is not 100% but nature is that way…If you see bear sighn get the hell out of their


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