From Montana Birding On The Net

This is the kind of drama I like to see in Bozeman, Montana.

Black-headed and Rose-breasted Grosbeak Drama Continues at Sourdough Trail, Bzmn
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 14:56:35 -0000

On Sat, May 28, I got a glimpse of this year’s drama between the Rose-breasted
and Black-headed Grosbeaks at the Sourdough Nature Trail. The RBGR was clearly
the aggressor. Everytime the BHGR would land on a branch, the RBGR would chase
it off to a short distance away. Then a female BHGR entered the scene and they
both chased her for a few minutes. Again, the RBGR was the aggressor. However,
when a group of runners came plowing through, she took off with the BHGR male.
The RBGR stuck around. The female BHGR was not aggressive at all. This all took
place in the vicinity of last years’ BHGRxRBGR hybrid nest. Can’t wait to see
what happens this year!


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