Grizzly bear death toll continues to mount in Alberta, In The Calgary Herald, By Nigel Higenbottam, June 2

The grizzly bear population is slowly being whittled away…do you know that if Southern Canada bears become extinct that the population in the US, 1-1500 grizzlies, will be an island like population and they have a much greater propensity to go extinct as well.

The grizzly bears have only emerged from their hibernation a few months ago and already two have been killed by humans. The most recent, killed on the railroad tracks east of Lake Louise, was a mature breeding female leaving behind two cubs to fend for themselves.

Without their mother’s protection against predators, their survival will be difficult.

The other grizzly was killed on the highway around Lake Louise about a week ago. Both deaths will have a very big impact on the grizzly population in Banff National Park.

Traffic through Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho has to stay within the posted speed limits, and at night, traffic should perhaps be required to slow down to 80 km/h.

Even though the recent track death may have been because the grizzly was around a bend and was surprised by the train, I do not understand why trains can’t have a device that will detect wildlife on the tracks, which would enable a warning to be given to scare off the animal.

The Alberta government has again shown it is not protecting this animal -as is clearly demonstrated by allowing Shell to go ahead with drilling in the Castle region even though there are grizzlies near the drilling sites.

According to the Energy Resources Conservation Board, there may be some incremental loss of grizzly bear habitat.

How much more “incremental habitat” can the poor grizzly bear stand to lose?

Do we have to drive the grizzly into extinction before we realize we have gone too far?


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