Former White House Policy Advisor Presents Eye-Opening Climate Change Findings In PRWeb

My head is spinning…let me find out more about this because my skepticizm radars are way up but I find this compelling enough to pursue.

– Wed Jun 8, 9:00 am ET
New book debunks global warming and reveals alternative climate crisis

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) June 08, 2011

Al Gore’s 2006 An Inconvenient Truth placed the climate crisis in the hands of pop culture. The crisis? Global warming. The prevention of global warming became the rallying issue for environmentalists worldwide. However, a new book by Space and Science Research Corporation President John L. Casey presents a reasoned – and widely corroborated – assertion of the real climate crisis.

Three years in the making, Cold Sun (published by Trafford Publishing) imparts Casey’s in-depth analysis of how the recently started “solar hibernation” of the Sun has already ended global warming and is bringing record cold weather to the planet.

Relying heavily on scientific studies and the extensive research of experts from around the world, as well as his own original research, Casey has spelled out a compelling case that a new cold era has arrived.

In Cold Sun, Casey gives the evidence showing:

1. Global warming ended years ago

2. The Sun has entered an ominous state of “hibernation”

3. The Earth’s ocean and atmospheric temperatures are dropping rapidly and are now on a long term decline for the next 30 years

4. Glacial ice worldwide is growing rapidly and the threat of rising sea levels is over

5. How the ill-effects of current climate trends may lead to global agricultural devastation and social and economic upheaval

Cold Sun has received wide acclaim from scientists and other experts from around the world, including Dr. Boris Komitov, one of the world’s leading solar physics researchers and the author of the book’s foreword.

About the Author
A former White House space program policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant and space shuttle engineer, John L. Casey has accumulated 40 years of professional experience spanning a wide variety of technologies, industries and international endeavors.


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