Almost Having A Rodeo On A Bear’s Back

I can remember twice almost riding a brown bear…disastor…if that happened. Fortunately for me it did not…heres what happened: I was on Afognak Island, next to Kodiak Island in Alaska and I was alone picking my way along a bear trail to a fishing hole where trout and Dolley Varden Char grew large eating salmon eggs when I came across large bear tracks and a fresh steaming bear scat.

I herd cracking in the brush so I climbed a spruce tree to avoid what sounded like a coming bear. A large brown bear did come and walked right under me…I was petrified and quiet as the large, dark bear didnt even flinch as he (I think) pased right under me.

In another instance on the Alaska Peninsula I saw a large brown bear walking a shoreline, on a crashcoarse for me. I ducked into a stand of aspen and started climbing. I got near the top of a tree and started to go over because of my size…the last thing I remembsr about the aspensmw was the head of a large bear looking up at me and a whoosh as thr bear disappeared in the brush, more frightrned than I as it avoided lucky me, running in the brush. Luck was with me that day.


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