A Stark Reminder Of A Changing Climate

I saw this today.

This will be the root cause of many wildfires and it will negatively impact grizzly bears, amongst other things.

I came over what is called Bozeman Pass and about half of the Lodgepole Pine have been killed by Mountain Pine Beetle. I think it will not spread this year because of the coolness in temperatures…but it will spread and you will see it in entire mountain ranges in the near future.

At high elevations, and very much around here, is the White Bark Pine, at mid through low elevations is the Lodgepole Pine and at low elevations is the Ponderosa Pine,on eastern fronts is the Limber Pine…all are around here in the Central Rockies and all will be impacted, and already are, by pine beetles. You can see it at Bozeman Pass from your car window…All of this is an artifact of climate change…and as sure as I write this blog it will happen and it is happening as I compose this.


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