GOP Denies Global Warming as Polar Bear Cubs Die in Melting Arctic Ice by K.C. Dermody, Yahoo Contributor Network

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Then how did these cubs die? How long until the notoriously slow reproducing polar bear starts to show the problems with Climate Change?
COMMENTARY | Geoff York is a polar bear biologist working for the World Wildlife Fund’s Arctic Program. He has reported that polar bear cubs are being forced to swim longer distances due to their melting habitat in the Arctic, and the cubs are dying ultimately because of global warming effects.

York said, according to Reuters, “Climate change is pulling the sea ice out from under polar bears’ feet, forcing some to swim longer distances to find food and habitat.”

In the study York co-authored, they found that polar bear cubs who had to swim long distances due to lack of ice experienced a 45 percent mortality rate; cubs who did not had only an 18 percent mortality rate.

While physical evidence is obvious, instead of making an effort to do something about the detrimental effects that are occurring in our environment on earth, Republicans are denying it in even larger numbers. According to The Associated Press, in 2008, 50 percent of conservatives said they believed in the effects of global warming. But, in order to pander to the far right, many have changed their position on the issue. This year only 30 percent of conservatives say global warming has an effect on our world.

Former New York Rep. Sherwood Boehlert said that he has “never been so disappointed all my life in the pretenders to the throne from my party.” Though he is a Republican, the retired politician was always a strong protector of the environment.

In December, Republican leaders decided to throw out the Select Committee on Global Warming, saying \it was unnecessary. A spokesman for Speaker John Boehner stated, “We have pledged to save taxpayers’ money by reducing waste and duplication in Congress.”


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