Bozeman Chronicle article on Backyard Grizzly Bears points to dilema for the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

What promted this was an article in today’s Bozeman Daily Chronicle about backyard grizzly bears. Two studies I started are mentionned in the article but I have a bone to pick at on backyard grizzlies so I will pick.

First I remember one of my favorite topics was the division of grizzly bear use into situation 1 and 2 habitats; with situation 1 being the more important grizzly habitat…so it was said. Funny thing is these habitats were often side by side and grizzly bear use was more commen in the situation 2 habitat.

Then came the Cummulative Effects Analasis period until a grizzly bear was bumping into negative impacts at every turn.

And with that came the period of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears populating habitats near towns like Bozeman, Montana.

To put that in perspective I remember about 20 years ago showing the USDA Forest Service biologist and the State biologist grizzly bear sign near Bozeman, Montana.

I was once eating breakfast and got a call from a highly placed state wildlife manager that a grizzly bear was within 6 miles of Bozeman, Montana eating Mountain Ash berries…I stalked that bear in a Subaru Legacy…

Bottom Line I agree with Gehman that grizzly bears are populating the northern habitats of the Yellowstone Ecosystem as their population expands as said by state and federal bear researchers…

What I think will happen is that grizzly bears in this area will look for Whitebark Pine Nuts and not finding any will come into places like Bozeman, Montana or hunters camps looking for game meat and be killed…

How many grizzly bears, notoriously slow reproducers, will be killed as grizzlies come into mortality sinks like Bozeman, Montana?



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