Outdoors West Yellowstone area grizzly bear euthanized, Posted: Jul 21, 2011 5:09 PM by KBZK Media Center

This has happened here for a very long time for the same reasons…when are they going to learn, (people down there).
An adult female grizzly bear that had been frequenting a private campground, getting food near tent sites and in area residences in the West Yellowstone area, has been euthanized.

The bear was captured at the campground on July 18 and was euthanized on July 20 at the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Region 3 Headquarters in Bozeman.

“For several years, this particular bear had been in conflict issues involving unnatural foods in the Hebgen Basin/West Yellowstone area. Efforts had been made to save the bear and minimize conflict issues by securing attractants along with the use aversive conditioning techniques. Unfortunately, the bear was still able to obtain foods, garbage and birdseed. This was not an issue of the bear being in poor condition and searching for any food. This bear was healthy and in very good summer condition,” according to a news release from FWP.

“Apparently over the years, the bear had been rewarded with foods so many times, it was comfortable near people. This was and is an issue that repeats itself where ever bears and people coexist….food attractants are left unsecured and bears are rewarded, thereby becoming habituated and conditioned to search for unnatural foods near people. This usually leads a bear to bold behavior, causing property damage and concerns for human safety,” it continues.


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