The Spirit Bear

See the August 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The magazine features an article and some excellent photographs of Kermodes, Spirit Bear or what the local Tsim Tsan Indians called Moks Go’ Mol, a white colored black bear; not an albino. I have seen blue, cinnamon, platinum black bears but I hold a special place for the rare Spirit Bear.

I have seen a Spirit Bear killed by a wolf pack. I have seen a large Spirit Bear about 3 feet from a telivision producer and the producer did not know it. I have seen a black and white, or piebald colored black bear, and may be the first to report such a bear.

The genetics of this bear are explained in this article…and I have heard everyone’s theory on why such a bear exsists…but all I can say is that the bear is rare and it is a real honor to see one…I only hope that you do.


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