Grizzly Bears Causing Problems Around Wyoming? by Garret Adams in Kowb News

By: Garrett Adams | Yesterday
More bad news near Yellowwstone for the grizzly that will result in bear deaths…read on.
(courtesy of shannon kringen via Flickr)
Summertime across the state of Wyoming means getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, but it also means being aware of wildlife to ensure your safety. There have been a few occurrences this summer of grizzly bear sightings as well as bear attacks on people and livestock.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has trapped and relocated a grizzly bear near an area southeast of Pinedale. The bear had been attacking domestic sheep in the area. It had killed one sheep as well as injured seven others.

Authorities trapped the bear on Friday and relocated it to the North Fork of the Shoshone River drainage which is located 45 miles west of Cody. The bear was released 300 yards north of mile marker 10.5 on U.S. highway 14-16-20.

Another bear in the Yellowstone area recently charged a man near Yellowstone Lake. The hiker was carrying pack with him that quite possibly saved his life. As the grizzly charged, the man threw his pack which in turn caused the bear to stop. The bear then tore threw the pack and ate the food that was inside.

The close encounter was enough cause for Yellowstone Park officials to take action. They trapped and euthanized the bear on Monday. The grizzly also had a long history of being chased out of developed areas.

Just last month another hiker was attacked and killed by a grizzly. The attack was Yellowstone’s first fatal attack in 25 years. Yellowstone officials did not euthanize that bear stating that she was unlikely to cause problems in the future.


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