First Nevada Bear Hunt In 80 Years Announced In News Junky Journal

I had a Cuzin and Aunt follow this travesty closely and they kept me informed.

1st Nevada Bear Hunt in 80 Years Announced
Bear-Hunting.Org is getting ready to celebrate the first Nevada bear hunt in over 80 years. Hunters in the state of Nevada on August 20th 2011 will be able to get a chance to draw a tag and bag a black bear. This is an excellent way for Nevada’s Department of Wildlife to help control the ever growing black bear population in their state; while at the same time allows hunters to experience a recreation big game hunt. There is a small collation attempting to prevent the bear hunt, but as of right now it’s expected to go as planned.

The season will start officially on August 20th 2011 and run until December 31st 2011. There will be a total of 45 tags assigned to hunters. However, only 20 black bears can actually be harvested; six females maximum. If the 20 bear limit is hit before December 31st 2011 than the season will be officially over. Don’t forget to check with Nevada’s Department of Wildlife to verify exactly what you need to legally hunt black bears in their state.

Some regulations set by Nevada’s Department of Wildlife specific to the bear hunt that you need to know; it will be unlawful to kill a sow (female black bear) that has cubs. It’s unlawful to kill a black bear cub (less than one year old or fewer than 50 pounds). Bear bait stations are strictly prohibited and may not be used at all. Make sure to check with the Nevada Department of Wildlife for any other rules or regulations you may need to follow.

If you’re going to experience a bear hunt in Nevada or any other state we recommend you visit the Bear-Hunting.Org website, which is dedicated portal for hunters to get educational information on bear hunting. We provide information that both the novice and expert hunter will find useful while helping them have a successful bear hunt


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