Global Warming: Are We At A Tipping Point?

I go over the pass, between Bozeman and Livinstone, MT and I see complete mountainsides of browning trees;, beetle kill comes to mind…so does a changing climate.

This morning my thoughts run back and forth between a downgrade of the US’s creditworthiness and water on a ducks back; thats how I compartmentilized the US debt…I knew there was nothing I could do to influence the SandP, and I knew that my thinking about it was stressful; something that should not be a part of my life now…but I felt bad about our downgrade anyways.

Then I watched the weather and a real meteorologist discussed his theories about triple digit heat in the southern midwest…Now I feel anxious as this meteorologist partially blamed greenhous gas, a proliferation there of, for the heat wave.

It was scary and this meteorologist was so matter-of-fact about a proliferation of greenhouse gases…I kept wondering if we were at a tipping point, or at the doorstep of a negative feedback loop.

Again unstopable and I should let it flow off of my back instead of eat it as I did 20 plus years of stress cereal…no good for anyone and no influence over tipping points.

But these points taste so good as they did for most of my life and I see more as opposed to change.


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