Global Warming Hysteria Caused By ‘Save the Polar Bear’ Scientist Is Silly By Jenny Erickson In The Stir

This is garbage journalism and it is out there everyday to confuse the public…I wanted to put some of this trash in my blog for you to read.
According to scientists, the Earth is getting warmer. The polar ice caps are melting, polar bears are drowning, and everyone should buy a Nissan Leaf. The worst part is that it’s entirely our own fault, with our selfish love of air conditioners and delicious steak.

Arctic wildlife researcher Charles Monnett was the scientist who began the ‘save the polar bear’ brand of environmentalism when he published a 2006 report that included his observation of four dead polar bears floating in the icy water. He speculated that the bears drowned while trying to swim long distances between shrinking sea ice platforms.

Side note: Funny how so many people that practically claim Darwinism as religion fail to recognize natural selection when they see it.

The dead polar bears struck a chord with former VP Al Gore, who featured them prominently in his widely discredited documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth. Teachers around the globe have showed students the film, and it even won an Oscar at the Academy Awards (best documentary).

The San Diego Zoo also jumped on the save-the-polar-bears train with its exhibit Polar Bear Plunge. There seems to be no escaping Monnett’s dead polar bears these days. So much global warming hysteria has been caused by four dead bears that it would be humorous if it weren’t so sad.

Especially since Monnett, the scientist that brought us the polar bear movement, has recently been suspended on “integrity issues.” Whatever that means. But it sounds like he’s been dishonest or misleading in some of his work. Which includes observing dead polar bears.

Maybe the polar ice caps are melting. Maybe they’re supposed to. Maybe the Earth is really supposed to be a few degrees warmer than it is now, and we’re just getting back to normal after a period of coolness. Imagine what that would mean for growing seasons around the world: More time to grow more food to nourish more people. That hardly sounds like a bad thing.


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