How climate change threatens bird species

Climate change and birds according to the World Wildlife Fund.
Birds suffer from climate change effects in every part of the globe. Scientists have found declines of up to 90 per cent in some bird populations, as well as total and unprecedented reproductive failure in others.

Specific groups of birds are at high risk from climate change: migratory, mountain, island, wetland, Arctic, Antarctic and seabirds.

While bird species that can move easily to new habitat are expected to continue to do well, bird species that thrive only in a narrow environmental range are expected to decline, and to be outnumbered by invasive species.
More information
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: Climate changing wildlife nowIUCN: Climate change accelerates bird declineClimate change has birds out on a limb..
1 / 6The tawny eagle (Aquila rapax) is an arid savanna raptor found in Asia and Africa. Small changes in precipitation predicted with climate change would likely …© Arno Meintjes
EnlargeClose..Report suggests trend toward major bird extinction from global warming

A status report compiled for WWF reviews more than 200 scientific articles. It finds a clear and escalating pattern of climate change impacts on bird species around the world, suggesting a trend towards a major bird extinction from global warming.

Scientists have found that bird extinction rates could be as high as 38 percent in Europe, and 72 percent in northeastern Australia, if global warming exceeds 2 º C above pre-industrial levels (currently it is 0.8ºC above).


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