How Not To Hike In Grizzly Bear Country

In Saturday’s issue issue of the Bozeman Chronicle (our local paper) there was an article on a couple hiking from Sulpher Mountain to Violet Springs and warding off a potentially harsh grizzly bear attack in that area with bear spray…

I have some observations about the hike…first of all that couple had a real high chance of encountering a bear in that area…then the husband hiked 10 yards in front of the wife…HMMM!

Talk about breaking bear country ettiquette that article should have been entitled, How not to hike in Bear Country, and the couple featured in the article were a bear encounter waiting to happen…thank god the couple new how to use the spray, but their hike in Hayden was a big NO and the bison and walking on crusty geyzeritic sand near Sulpher Mountain is problematic, also.


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