5 Favorite areas To See Bears At

My 5 favorite spots for viewing bears. It is very important so go see the bears when the timing is right.
1) Yellowstone-the Lamar Valley, Antelope Creek on Mount Washburn and the Hayden Valley near Trout Creek. Look for bears from mid May to mid-June…Your chance to see wolves is high.

2) Glacier Park on the Garden Wall and from the parking lot of Swiftcurrent with a scope looking up more likely near Iceberg Trail. Bonuses include seeing Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat and Elk. Go mid May to June 10 or in good huckleberry years in late August to mid-September.

3) Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska. This is a great area for the Alaskan Brown Bear and it is very accessable. I would go in early August when the bugs are down and the salmon numbers have peaked.

4) Princess Royal Island, a fly in in Northwest British Columbia for a Kermode or white, non albino black bearespecially in late summer or very early fall when the Dog Salmon have peaked out. The best viewing for me was along the Canoona River near the Inside Passage to Alaska.

5) Churchhill, Manitoba out from Churchill along the coast for Polar Bears…Arctic Fox and Willow Ptarmigan are bonus wildlife to see near the polar bears.It will be cold but go in late October or early November.


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