Iconic Black Bear Sitings

Please read these iconic black bear sitings.
13 years ago I watched a piebald black bear walk along the shoreline of the Inside Passage, going to Canoona Creek.

13 years ago I was in an unamed creek and went to a site where a pack of wolves killed a white Moksgomol, Spirit or Kermode bear that I had watched over a 5 year period.

33 years ago I was in Idaho trapping to move a female grizzly from a sheep allottment and had my snare trapsite visited by a large black bear. The bear was bedded down by the cubby and snare and at 20 yards walked away from me growling the entire way.

39 years ago I was sitting in an Appalacian Trail Shelter at Siler’s Bald in Great Smoky Mountains National Park watching a cub of the year sqeeze into our shelter as the rest of the crew seemed to sleep and just as the cub was about to drop in a large black bear hit the chain link fence to the trail shelter, failing to get in but growling as the cub squeezed out of the shelter, only to be swatted by the larger bear and the two bears dissapeared into the nearby forest.

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