Iconic Brown Bear Observations

I dont know where to begin here…I have had so many brown bear observations the ones included here are a sampling of my brown bear observations.

-a brown bear charged me thinking I was a roosevelt elk, which I watched a herd of at the time, at the last instant the bear pulled off the charge, leaving me standing there with a loaded 400 calibre big bore rifle pointed at the ground.

-I was in knowwhere Alaska when a rare sun shined on an alpine ridgetop so I took a nap in my birthday suit, only to wake up to a large female brown bear followed by a spring cub at about 50 yards feeding my way…so I stayed down on all fours and quietly snuck to the ridge where I ambled down through the Devils Club in my birthday suit, avoiding the female brown bear and her spring cub on a ridge in knowhere Alaska.

-I watched bemusedly as a grizzly, a male, locked in coytus on a female grizzly, snoozed with head on the rump of the female bear. As she grazed, he, perhaps twice her her size and locked in as he napped head on her rump followed her hopping along.


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