Survey Of No Careers In Wildlife

From what I read there are few to 0 jobs for a college graduate these days…From what I remember that has always been the case in my profession.

I took a class in 1973 from the University of Montana called Biology 100, Survey of Wildlife Careers. The professor, Les Pengelley, said on the first day that “this course is a waste of time.”

Fast forward to last nights news cast a piece was done on satalite radio collars…I was drinking cofee the next morning with a gal from another field…and she rightfully added satalite collars will put “research kids”out of work.

I remembered the days of picking up bear poop and following a grizzly close with a groudtracking yaggi antenae…those days were already scarce, now they are gone.
PS: Did you know that Sorrel Boots were once made in Canada. Now Viet Nam…a snowboot in a place where it never snows…trivia I found interesting.


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