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November 2, 2010

Everything I write about in naturalistjourneys is impacted by your vote so go vote, I did and so should you!!!!!!!!


Different Way of looking At Things

December 8, 2008

You know I read Malcom Gladwell’s Tipping Point and his Outliers. I like Gladwell’s approach to things but could not help but think that another favorite author of mine, Thomas Friedman, is a very practical writer and thinker (an opinion) compared to Gladwell.

I couldnt help but think that where was Gladwell when a different way of looking at relevant things really mattered to me, now it just peaks my curiosity, but I found Gladwell was relevant to all the happenings of now and there is no shortage of happenings…here is how I see why Gladwell is relavent.

I make no secret that I find the thinking of Friedman (PrizeĀ  Winning Economist and Journalist) who seems way right on Global Warming, and I know I am not alone on this, Friedman seems way right on global warming, his opinion.

Well Gladwell proposes a new way of looking at problems like global climate change. My thinking is that is not what Gladwell set out to do but I thought so. I feel in mitigations surrounding global warming that we are reaching a “Tipping Point” as described by Gladwell, so elegantly in his book entitled, Tipping Point.

Friedman is way more muscular in that vein, but Gladwells way at looking at the world is relevent to those of us interested in doing what can be done on something far larger than even the largest dinosaur, global warming.

Yes, global warming is large like a dinosaur and complicated like Medussa head but the challenge of our times and it can be approached pragmatically, visa vi, Friedman or from an as yet tried approach to this problem and I find both approaches as right or needed. Old thinking would be with an edge like John Wayne had, or Bush, who I am no fan of, has, and I am so tired of the challenges that face us being presented in those terms…”globalwarming as an evildoer”. I just wish there was more time to sort this viewpoint (Gladwell’s) of the world out, but I fear there is not.
The problem of our times is rearing its head in so many ways that now I see that it is complicated enough to overwhelm humanity.

I see this auto-fiasco as related,wholeheartedly, to Global Warming and our solution should be very Friedman-like.

More on Europasaurus and Dino Things

June 10, 2006

This 154 million year old dinosaur lived in northern germany,where it was a dwarf. It was found by German Paleontologists. It was related to the American (now) Camarasaurus.

For two years I lived down in Warm Springs Creek in Wyoming. A little known fact, almost forgotten by me,  was that it is the site of an Allosaurus feeding and juvenile rearing ground, and a complete Camarasaurus was found there amongst other Apatasaurian Dinosaur remains (Jurassic site).

The Camarosaurus was  studied by Denver Museum of Natural History Paleontologists. The site was owned by a German resident named Burkhart.



June 10, 2006

In today's USA Today is a story about the Europasaurus. I meant to write about it tonight since it is a dinosar with dwarfism; a 20 foot long "long-neck" (total length). It is related to the 60 foot American Camarosarus, found in the Rocky Mountain West now.

I am reminded that my older son helped build a 136 foot model of a USA Seismosaurus. I got it into the Guiness Book of World Records as the longest dinosaur model. More on the Europasaurus tommorow.