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Climate Change Costs

November 18, 2011

If you want to see climate change costs check out Sharon Begley’s article in NRDC”s OnEarth Magazine…It is revealing.


Is Global Warming Threatoning Polar Bears ?

October 18, 2011

This is still being debated.

By Matthew Daly

A US federal judge has thrown out a key section of an Interior Department rule that declared global warming is threatening the survival of the polar bear.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan has ruled that the Bush administration did not complete a required environmental review when it said the bear’s designation as threatened in 2008 could not be used as a backdoor way to control greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

The Obama administration agreed a year later, saying that activities outside of the bear’s habitat such as emissions from a power plant could not be controlled using the Endangered Species Act.

The Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental group that filed a lawsuit over the 2008 rule, said the decision puts the fate of the polar bear back in the hands of the Obama administration and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

“The Obama administration has the chance to do right by the polar bear,” said Kassie Siegel, an attorney for the group. “They need to decide whether the polar bear gets all the protections that other endangered species get, or whether they want to re-adopt a flawed Bush administration decision that exempts greenhouse gases” and other pollutants from the Endangered Species Act.

Sullivan’s decision directs the Interior Department to respond by November 17 with a timetable for when it will complete the required environmental review. Sullivan left an interim 2008 designation intact while the case continues.

In a related decision, Sullivan upheld a decision by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to ban imports of sport-hunted polar bears as trophies. Safari Club International and other US hunting groups had sought permission to allow bear carcasses to be imported from Canada.

The Humane Society of the United States hailed the ruling, which it said rejected “the Orwellian claim that killing polar bears is somehow good for polar bears”.

Jonathan Lovvorn, the group’s senior vice president and chief counsel for animal protection litigation, said that just as the United States does not allow importation of tiger skins and baby seal fur, “American conservation law prevents American hunters from bringing home the heads and hides of imperilled polar bears shot in other countries”.


Ice Shelves Melt In The Canadian Arctic

September 30, 2011

Two large ice shelves almost entirely melted near Elsmere Island in the Canadian arctic. The meltings appear to be an artifact of global climate change leaving behind large icebergs; a threat to oil wells and ship traffic.

Ghost Forests near Yellowstone National Park

September 24, 2011

I saw what are called White Bark Pine ghost forests by binocular in Porcupine Creek, Buck Creek and on Selpulcher Peak all in the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

What I learned

September 23, 2011
    Birds are migrating through and it seems to me at a trickle. It is an average of 15 degrees hotter than normal.

    The best thing I have learned this week is about the NRDC book, Empire of the Beetle by Andrew Nikiforuk.

Climate Change In Ecosystems Is Happening At Varying Rates

September 7, 2011

I read a piece in the latest issue Rocky Mountain Climate Organisation news that ecosystems are moving uphill at a rate of 37 feet per decade. These same ecosystems are moving north at a rate of 10 miles per decade. This change is happening fast in terms of nature, but it seems slow to us; proving that it is hard to think of climate in decades. Another thing is this uphill and northward migration happens to ecosystems at varying rates; faster in treeless ecosystems like the arctic. This is a scary little biofact.

Right ON CBS

September 5, 2011

On the CBS Sunday Morning Show a news clip said climate change was responsable for a spate of warm temperatures and wacky weather that seems, now, to be common…I really believe they got the reporting right…trying to balance this out with skeptical writing would be all wrong…BRAVO to CBS for getting this right.

Pine Beetle Incursion Increases

September 1, 2011

Last evening KBZK CBS local news in Bozeman, Montana said, that the coldness of this past season in Montana slowed down the mountain pine beetle incursion in this area…I truly believe this.

On warm days I can literally see the pine beetle incursion on the mountains around here.

I really believe the pine forests of this area will die, pine forests or entire mountainsides, then you will see a bunch of angry persons who should of been acting 2 decades ago as our planet warms up…but anticipation and crying wolf seem to be the same thing.

Photoperiod And A Changing Climate

August 29, 2011

This is an often overlooked aspect of the biology of a plant or animal that means activity in a day or season…or the amount of light there is in a day or a season.

Scientists refer to this as photoperizm or photoperiodicity. Birds are heavily reliant on this and it is used by mammals also.

Photoperiod may tell birds wnen to migrate, when to breed, food availability and so on. Photoperiod will tell mammals, like bears, when to hibernate, or when your body needs more noureshment and extend its feeding by going into a state of hyperphagia.

This photoperiodizm is one of the first things to be negativley impacted by global climate change…a little known process that is already happening.

photoperiod will tell

Out of control, catastrophic wildfires could be raging now

August 25, 2011

It is late in the summer, Hurricane Irene is about to rage on Eastern shores…but here in the rocky mountain west it is hot, windy and dry and because of the warming climate caused pine beetle killed trees the fires can rage out of control.

Of the ten raging now out of control seems to be a real possibilty…on now, into the future.