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Go Vote

November 2, 2010

Everything I write about in naturalistjourneys is impacted by your vote so go vote, I did and so should you!!!!!!!!


Washington Post front Pages Brazil’s March to Energy Independence

August 20, 2006

We can do what Brazil has done!

I remember a time as a fresman in college when I took a typing class on a typewriter.  That would not happen in todays Dell, or whatever you use, market.


A New Gas Efficient Car by GMC

August 11, 2006

The worlds largest auto maker is finalll y getting the messagethat Global Warming is real. It will produce a Hydrogen car next year that will get 3,000 miles of fuel  per average US tank. That is good news. Look at GMC’s Research Division. If this car is not produced in 2007 GMC will be in trouble. We will see.


Check Out

August 2, 2006

Check out a true coalition between environmentalizm and the business world. They can be found at So can some really neat information.


New Blog

August 2, 2006

I must really enjoy writing to my audiance. I have a business oriented Blog that features Global Warming stock informaton. My new Blog is on TypePad and the URL is it has pop-up ads. Check it out ! This site stays non-business and devoted to natural history whims, including those about Global Warming. But bears, birds and whales and all else in the natural world is fair game.


More on Bears

August 1, 2006

I will continue to splice stories about my time with bears in the Global Warming stock information. This will keep my site more to it’s original philosophy. The stock information is new ground in this Blog so it will not be overly sophisticated.