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Animals In Yellowstone National Park

May 13, 2011

Today the weather was nice in Montana so I went down to Yellowstone National Park and I saw a grizzly and black bear and wolves. Bison were everywhere and a moose showed itself.

I saw a variety of birds and they were migrators and some were residents.

I saw a Bald and Gold Eagle and I heard Vesper Sparrows, Cassins Finch,
Western Tanager and Ruby crowned Kinglet, among other birds.

On the ponds were Barrows Goldeneye, Redheads and Lesser Scaup and Gadwall. Sandhill Cranes were out in meadows near water and Common Mergansers were swimming on the high and turbulent rivers.

Many more birds were seen but thats a sampling.


Greetings And A Plug

April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day…go see, African Cats at a theatre near you…take a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or the children or just yourself. You will not be sorry.

African Cats…Coming To A Theatre Near You

April 20, 2011

I never thought I would see the day I plugged a Disney Nature Film, but here is that day. Do not forget on Earth Day to see Disney’s, African Cats. I have been to the website for this film and I have nothing but superlatives to write.

The last nature film of Disney I saw was in Bethesda, Maryland with my two daughters. The film was about polar bears and walruses and the filming was spectacular…I would go again if I could…If African Cats comes close to the polar bear film I say bring it on and get out and see it viewing public…I hope the film comes to Bozeman, Montana…we will see…The film will be released on Friday, April 22, Earth Day…a nationwide release…go see this film.

An Equally Bad Idea; Not The Pebble Creek Mine…How You Can Help.

April 18, 2011

Next to Alaska’s proposed Pebble Creek Mine is another luming disator…a proposed highway accross the vast Serengeti Planes.

When I first saw this I thought April Fools Knowone could be this stupid…but the joke was on me and the plan is for a super highway across the Savanahs of the Serengeti.

Well I am not one to plug Disney Nature anything but the Disney Folks are showing a film featuring lions and cheetahs that was shot in the Masai-Mara-Kenya portion of the Serngeti and the bottom line of the film is that it portends to help one understand the importance of savanah of which the Serengeti is the finest example left in the world.

The film will be released on Earth Day and we are talking Disney’s version of nature.

I have seen the trailor to this film and I can say it looks like a must see to me…so get your popcorn and check out this movie after you participate in one of the days many cleanups…see you there.

Tanzanian government’s Environmental and Social Impact Study

February 5, 2011

I was going to write about a book I am reading entittled, Anthill, by E.O. Wilson; fascinating novel with a large number of human analogies. I got sidetracked by this cause; something I really care about at a time where caring does not matter much, anymore. At first I think ants are more brutal than humans then I think about Attilla the Hun, the Holocaust, Stalin’s World War ll brutalizm on his own people, Azetecs, warfare video games and so forth. Humans are as brutal as ants.

The document is some 600 pages in length, divided into six downloadable sections. There is an executive summary in the first section.

If you have expertise in conservation biology, road impacts, or similar areas, it would be valuable to have your comments. You can post them at the bottom of the web page where the links are found in the discussion area. Or email them to:

Anyone can go to our Facebook page (Stop the Serengeti Highway) and comment as well.

One of the revelations of the study is the sheer volume of traffic expected – 800 vehicles a day by 2015 (one every two minutes) and 3,000 a day by 2035 (one every 30 seconds)! These figures are damning enough and should dispel any illusion that the highway will not be paved.

Another revelation – that the highway will give a “boost to tourism,” a huge miscalculation that neither the consultants nor the government seem to appreciate at the moment.

The Serengeti Boondoggle

January 10, 2011

I am concerned about the great mammal migrations of the Serengeti Plains of Eastern Africa. I belong to a group called Serengeti Watch. The sole purpose of the group is to stop a highway (now a proposal) from being put through the northern portion of the Serengeti Plains. Experts believe that the current migrating population of Wildebeast, 1.3 animals (amazing), will go to 200,000 Wildebeast and the migration will stop.

It was the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine when visiting th Serengeti in 2007. I saw lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, black rhinocerus, cape buffalo, zebra, wildebeast, savanah baboons, Thomoson’s Gazelle, impalas, dik-dik, warthog and many other mammals and about 300 new birds in the Serengeti.

We came in the middle of a zebra migration and we saw 10,000 plus zebra and from the plane we saw over 100,000 wildebeast. The Serengeti plains were a wildlife fest and this coming from a man who lives a leisurly drive from Yellowstone National Park.

I see putting a highway through the Serengeti as a huge waste of funds in a part of the world that needs funds for a lot of reasons. Lets put an end to this boondoggle and get priorities straight in Tanzania.

Savanah Dreaming

January 1, 2011

A Savanah is a grassland where trees are small and not heavily stocked, like a forest. Savanah’s do occur in states like Montana (my home) and states like Wyoming, but the prototype of a savanah that I saw was in Eastern Africa, a savanah that at times seemed filled with wildlife.

My thinking is that the world is getting warmer as the climate we have has constantly rising temperatures. I would say great savanah’s, like much of the Serengeti , will turn into deserts as the climate warms and much of the wildlife we associate with great savanahs will be gone…I have read that 400,000 individual animals will die in a ten year period; thats a huge number in a decade.

I did not walk in the African Savanah because I read that it is inhabited with poisonous snakes and I am not sure what etiquette to use if I run into a pride of lions or pack of hyena’s or run into a leopard and while in Eastern Africa I saw all of these.

The savanah I saw over their was full of wildlife and I am glad saw it. I would gladly go again if I could, but I am glad I went and sad that over time it may become a mortality sink for wildlife and on some levels it allready is…

Highway Across Tanzania Still Amazes Me

November 26, 2010

I am still amazed that the Tanzania government wants to put a highway across the Serengeti plains it seems there are far better ways to spend their money than fixing up what seemed to work for Tanzania why tinker with it.

Join Serengeti Watch

November 24, 2010

This blog is about an issue that makes no sense to me. It is about one of the worlds foremost wildlife areas. Join Serengeti watch and help stop the Government of Tanzania from making a costly mistake and putting a highway across the Serengeti plains…I mean this is the hell many went through trying from stopping the feds from flooding Glen Canyon (this is a simular boondoggle)…what makes this worse is that there are viable alternatives to taking a route through Serengeti National Park.
I saw many, many ungulates there and I saw some real unusual birds there.There seemed to be a lot of lions, cheetahs and at least we saw 2 leopards, in the Serengeti. It was a huge, wildlife filled plain with one dirt road with at least one pride of lions and 1000 zebra right in the road…

Lets helpTanzania not make a mistake by putting a highway in the Serengeti. Look at Serengeti Watch now then join.

I did!!!!!!!!

Go Vote

November 2, 2010

Everything I write about in naturalistjourneys is impacted by your vote so go vote, I did and so should you!!!!!!!!