More Archetypal Fun In South Florida

You know the vast majority of my memorable trips were in Alaska, Northern Canada, Montana and Wyoming, but I had several interesting trips in warm places like Southwestern Florida. In fact I lived in Coral Springs, where there was too much concrete, the bagels were good and I was close to the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge which was great for birds and nature lore.

Once I took a canoe trip into the Ten Thousand Islands with a friend from British Columbia his son and his son’s friend from high school. We canoed to the island where the old Watson Homestead was, now a racoon heavan. I really enjoyed the “Bloody” Watson lore, and I can say one of my favorite authors, Peter Matheson, hooked me on Watson with his engaging writing. I was sitting over there on the couch and it occured to me how really great that trip was. We collected some neat shells, canoed over a large eagle ray, and got got inundated by”no see-um dipteran black fly’sbytheend of the trip. Ahhh-great memories.


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